Reviews for "Zombies and Swords!"

9/10, but I'm voting a 5 =)

"Swords don't run out of bullets" <-- LOL!!!!

swords don't run out of bullets, but they sure break or can be dropped. but hahaha nice flash movie. The zombies are very nicely drawn. I was somewhat disappointed, but overall a very nicely done flash.

You do good animation, I just hope that your next flash won't be another ad for the academy =p personally I don't really like it.

keep up the good work.


Two words.

Well Done.

Mmmm zombies

Pretty animation, though I really doubt you could cut anything in half with a fencing foil. But hey, it's animation I shouldn't question it. Great work.


When the zombie girl screamed and her mouth fell made me laugh too much to dislike the movie in general. Good job!

well put

who needs guns when cutting off a zombies head is more satisfing LOL