Reviews for "Zombies and Swords!"

A must see!

I laughed, I cried, it changed my life.


This is so priceless! :-)
Make more of it...

Really Good.

I've read up on some things. And my chosen weapons would be a .22 calibre semi-auto carbine (lots of ammo) Because it's accurate. High rate of fire and light ammo. Got skull penetrating power and it just jellifies brains. And a sturdy battle-tested katana. Because it's just made for separating heads. But anyway. This is a great flash I enjoyed the hell out of it.


I wet myself when it said 'swords dont run out of bullets' LMAO thats brightened up my day!


dude i nearly shat my pants when that zombie scremed and his jaw fell off! 10/10!!!!