Reviews for "Zombies and Swords!"

yes i will

oh don't worry, i'll be ready! I have alot of swords, most which are ment for actual use! so I shoulden't run short of supplies. Great job on the flas BTW. Awesome animation and art.

Lol, oh yea, ill be ready alright (hehehe)

Nice Ad. Thats right, Pwn those zombies !!

Everyone, we must rise to the occasion, Pick up your swords, and lets Kill Undead Decaying Ass!!!


I liked that movie, very well done. But put on a nice suit of plate armor and you really wouldnt need that sword all that much... steel beats teeth.


I live in Vancouver so I think I will look it up, except I won't because Asian swords are cooler than *most* European swords. I especially liked that last statement "swords dont rn out of bullets". One problem though you say "Canada's Northwest's fastest growing..." Vancouver is on the west coast but it is not very northernly, Seattle is only a few hour drive!!

Short But Excellent!

That was funny! The woman pulled out a sword and killed all of the zombies. That was great! If I ran into zombies then I would want a sword and a gun! Nice job!