Reviews for "Zombies and Swords!"

Good flash movie, but first.....

Quote Judge_211: "yea but guns can kill them in one shot, with a sword its hard to kill them, swords are for panzys."

Uhhhh, guns cannot kill them in one shot all the time, and with a sword it's not hard to kill them, and swords are NOT for "panzys"
(it's "pansies")...Obviously you've never studied kendo or fencing.

Flash: It was a good flash movie. I liked how the girl suddenly got the courage and went berserk, slashing the zombies, XDDDD; very funny. Good job.


yea but guns kill them in one shot, with a sword, its hard to kill them. swords are for panzys


Swords don't run out of bullets? Love it!


Did they actually commission you to do this? That's fucking awsome.
If I was in the area, I'd sign right up.

javierzoid responds:

hey cheers man! yea it was an awesome commission! XD


I'm sure it's already been said (and will be some more) but... a rapier is probably the worst choice of sword I can imagine to use against zombies.

I know this is really just a fencing ad, and trust me... I love fencing (I've done it quite a few times)...

I'd just take a katana over a rapier any day of the week.

Nice ad though!