Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

Really got to me...

This would have been very effective if I hadn't been watching a flash with funky jazz music in the background =P I thought this was meant to be funny!


Dude what? That was just gross. I didn't pick up on any "dark humor", unless it's underlyingly funny to have cat blood in your face.

But I liked the animation and sound a lot so it's all good.

Peda responds:

I found humor in being able to laugh at his misfortune- for he is an invented character without real feelings and he's going through a lot of bad events.
But of course many people see the humor in different things and i completely understand that this rather evil humor is not your forte (laughing at REAL peoples misfortunes is never a funny thing though- i stand strongly by this opinion)

nicely done

hey you idiot below me, im pretty sure that was a badger and that thats why it was dark humour.. dark humour is dark get it?

yes i liked this very much. Really enjoyable to watch and some nifty arwork good job mate.

Peda responds:

badger is a popular interpretation. Its actually modelled off a sleeping dog i saw on google image search.that doesnt really matter anyway-the blood is the whole part of that little joke- good to see you liked the dark humor (and saw it well)

"Where is the passion when you need it the most.."

I guess "Murphy's Law" has nothing on this guy!! I hope he has Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance!! Hey wait... didn't he play the newest spokesperson for that slew of herpes commercials? What else can I say... Poor Guy!! Nice work by the Author!! Can't wait for the next batch 'o' goodies!!

No matter what happens, just keep walking.

Decent animation, and good theme. If there's a person who's constantly happy and cheerful and just gets on your nerves, just have them watch this. You'll see the joyfulness drain from their face. Good times, good times.