Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

Nice flash

that was a pretty good flash, nice plot. Were you having a bad day when you made it?

Peda responds:

lol, no not a bad day. Im just kinda dark humored. I love putting characters in bad situations as i find this comedy quite appealing.


Don't get the wrong idea, it's a good video but it's just not perfect. Good job, and I'm sure you did a good job on the art project.

Style over story

Very stylised, but that was the point, I suppose. Not so much funny as sarcastically bleak, but it brought a wry smile to my lips.

It's like an anecdote without a punchline, a day when things went from bad to worse and then... that's all.

I liked it, and I'm curious to see what else the author is capable of, something with more character development would be nice


this i like
please do more

About ^&*# Time

Ithas been a while since I have seen any true DARK humor flash that actually made me split a gut.....literally or not, it your guess. But even as I am writtingthis review I can not stop giggling over that flash. Extreme Kudos to you man.