Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

"--" Should be a valid answer on the ratings..

The reason the one-line is what it is... Well, Part of this was comical, while very macab- and oddly serious at the same time. This is a very hard piece of work for me to review on. I don't know whether I should be praising you for a great work showing a line of shitty events that sadly, some people go through in a day... Or praising you for putting so many rarities in one flick that tie together quite well. This work has a very interesting mood to it- very much unlike anything I've personally seen on Newgrounds. Sure some people might consider this to be like "Salad Fingers," but this isn't stupid.. at all. God, this really puts me at a loss of what to say... So I should really just say- "I loved this, and definately want to see more." This is definately the type of thing that shouldn't be mass produced on ANY scale... only because it's very hard to put it just right... and you nailed it damn fine.

Great work.

Peda responds:

well done sir, i am VERY interested by how you saw the movie. This review not only tells me i nailed it damn fine, but this review is an almost perfect and accurate description of the movie and a few of it's concepts + ideas. thank you VERY much :)


Don't get the wrong idea, it's a good video but it's just not perfect. Good job, and I'm sure you did a good job on the art project.

Really got to me...

This would have been very effective if I hadn't been watching a flash with funky jazz music in the background =P I thought this was meant to be funny!


Why did that guy bother getting out of bed?

Style over story

Very stylised, but that was the point, I suppose. Not so much funny as sarcastically bleak, but it brought a wry smile to my lips.

It's like an anecdote without a punchline, a day when things went from bad to worse and then... that's all.

I liked it, and I'm curious to see what else the author is capable of, something with more character development would be nice