Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

Wow. Added to Favourites!

Very original, a great animation style. Gross, but very enjoyable.

Very well done!

Peda responds:

originality was the focus point. that you very much (and yeah, i AM a little gross)

Neat, but depressing.

I liked it, but it was very very depressing. I would like to know a bit of background story or something, as to why this place he lives in is so awful. People dying around every corner. Poor fellow. : (

Very good graphics.

I gave it a 5.

Peda responds:

Thanks for the 5! (that means people love you a bit more :))

I agree with rabid_baby_birds

this video was just meant to show the worst case scenario of a really shitty day one step above dying. I also thought the plane was gonna kill him too.

Peda responds:

very simply put, the worst case scenario is the story of the movie. There are many meanings i encorporated tho- look at some of my earlier review responses to see.

Very well orchestrated...

It's obvious the art is just over stick figures but... It goes perfectly with the gore that happens, the humor you're trying to display and the character. It looks like you also did FBF with him ( or her? ). The backrounds, however were much better than a simple stickfigure movie. Those were great! I personally like the dark humor, I... "Lol" as the kids say these days ^_^;

Anyway, This deserves to be where it is and anyone reading this MUST watch it. Two for interactivity for a very kick-ass preloader!

very good

i think it would be better if you added music but apart from that i think if you continue with it, it could become a successfull series. Good Luck!