Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

Man thats sad..

The whole movie made me dizzy and sort of sad..

i still liked it though.

Peda responds:

Sad to see your humor isnt quite suited to my style, but VERY glad to see how much you like the other aspects.


-Nice to see a new preloader, that was cool
-Really liked the sloppy, moving animations

Didn't really understand it, but not everyone should.

Peda responds:

Glad you liked the preloader- took ages for me to make. My first nice lookin one :D Not everyone should understand it, i realised that too- but i think it should be appreciated just as you have :D

Horrible! And well done, too.

Thank you for your contribution to this archive, and my life. Now, whenever I think I'm having really bad day, I can watch your flash and know that it's not as bad as it could be.

He said "Smile! Things could be worse." So I smiled, and sure enough, things got worse.

Peda responds:

joeartguy, you seem like a VERY nice guy. Love your optimism in life- very much like mine :)


sick but freakin awsome

Peda responds:

freakin awesome score man, thanks!

wow pretty good.

And that would be the definition of a bad day :)

Peda responds:

true :)
good thing its all exggerated and it isnt an everyday thing to go through quite that much cra in a day :P