Reviews for "Identity (2006)"


A nugget of goodness. I'll admit I'm not sure why it's called Identity, but it was still such a pleasure to watch.

Peda responds:

Identity is relevent to the process i undertook in creating the style,character+feel of the movie, it's "assumed identity". I like nuggets of goodness :)

A very exquisite movie

This person sure does go through a lot day in and day out. I think this story is very interesting to say the least. Graphics bring out the right nature of the flick and the color red is a perfect fitting in to a gloomish black and white surrounding. Job well done. You deserve a pat on the back and bag of Doritos.

Peda responds:

oh GAWD I need some cheesy doritos right about now, Thank you very much. I like the word exquisite and am honored to have it refer to my movie :)

Liked It

I really did like it and thought it was really good, but you did not create that character, unless it was you who created that web comic with the characters who look exactly like that. If you have not seen that web comic, then it's just a very, very strange coincedence.

Peda responds:

I actually had no idea that there was a similar web character. Must be coincidence- which is very easy to do seeing as I based him so closely off 'generic stick figures' and styled the face as i found most funny (many designs until i stuck with this) IF ANYONE HAS SEEN A SIMILAR CHARACTER ON THE INTERNET- TELL ME WHERE I CAN SEE IT! THANK

Simple, yet complex

There was a true range of emtions that one could experiance throughout his film. At parts it was funny, to the effect of "murpheys law" (Dropping your wallet in a nasty toilet), pity and a sense of helplessness for the baby bird, empthathy and sadness for the poor squished animal. Then at the end, after the plane crashed, there was a sense of apathy (As one reviewer said) "ah well...shit happns".

For me, I found I had the most sympathy for the cat. The bird seemed like a "nature" thing, the airplane crash came across as a (once again) "Shit happens" but the squished cat (At least thats what I think it was) really brought out a sense of tragedy and needless loss.

I enjoyed the main character a lot; altough he had very little time on screen, I picked up a great deal of his character and attitudes.

I was just amazed. You didn't go all out on colour or lines, but that suited it well. I really appreciated how you filled the animation with rich sound effects, and omitted any speaking parts (Which I felt would have detracted from the mood and depth) Your animation was clean, orderly, yet still retained character and a sense of controlled chaos.

A job very well done, I look forward to your future ideas.

good stuff

I love the dark humor. The style was not much diffrent from some other stuff I have seen, but I liked it. I enjoyed watching it and it made me laugh my ass off. I really liked the end.