Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

wow, well done!

but damn it's depressing! kinda weird...but anyway I enjoyed the style!

Peda responds:

I just happen to be weird. thanks!

I Enjoyed it ALOT ! ! !

It was a WELL DONE made flash.

I Love basic black and white...(with some Blood Red) in it Flash Cartoons, which is always A Plus +++

I Liked the story as well.

*** Good-Job ***

Peda responds:

Glad that aspect of my style was so appealing to you!

Dark comedy...

Interesting... a nice style, though similar to a lot I've seen before. The story worked, especially when you start thinking about it. We see an unlucky guy doing his thing, but then if you want to go deeper, realize how much worse the animals, the people on the plane, etc. fared that day... so maybe we have an optimistic message. The existential question: do the choices we make affect our destiny? Sorry... grad school on the brain. But good work. :)

Peda responds:

thanks for enjoying it- nice review, and i can forgive the grad school thinking :D

it was cunda dumb!!!!!!!i did not like it at all

it was the worst case sanerioy of a bad day poseblel. there was only the colors wight balck and red. the grafficts were not that good u should ahave made better legs but i will give you more cus im a gamecreaator and i no its hard to make good graphits on the compyuter the seans were fine but... i creadet your work about a 57 out of 100. some things you could do to help is make the legs better. make the eyes further up. and not make the head that tipe off shape...

Peda responds:

thank you for the critisism- but the everything you would see changed, are very important aspects of the style i made for the movie. So to change it would defeat the entire underlieing point of the movie itself (e.g. the colour schemes + the eye placement).
Sorry you didnt like it!

simple but brilliant

this cartoon reminded me to put things in perspective

sure life can get pretty bad but at least you're still alive

loved every second of it

keep up the good work

Peda responds:

very good, thank you very much