Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

Not breakfast material... but twistedly delicious.

Lol i was eatting when i started watching this movie. I highly recommend NOT doing that.

But great fuckin flash man, i especialy liked the airplane part. Got a laugh out of me


totaly agree with bomtoons!!


This was top-notch work and very enjoyable to watch. The amount of control used in the artwork, scene staging, and animation very obviously set the crudeness of the drawing and color scheme apart as intentional choices that lend to the overall meaning.

I was impressed overall with the fluidity of the animation, perspectives employed in the staging, and especially with the overall point of the piece (something on NG with a deeper meaning than just sex and violence...whoa!).

Truly a work of art.

Peda responds:

Thank you VERY, VERY much for the attention paid to how I created the movie- it was always my main concern that I wanted the movie to look good and flow, else interest is lost in the surroundings and character and I get bad reviews. I too agree that it is such a rare thing to not have movies on newgrounds purely running on sex or violence (most noteably ones which suit no other purpose). Other movies I am not all too fond of are obviously bad submissions put on and immediately removed, and submissions with hardly a scratch of originality (usually sprite movies here). thanks for the review!

I loved it ^-^

I love to see this work and Im glad you made the front page, this animation is more or less depressing, but very intresting the title is really...starnge, for the actual animation, I hands down give you a *5* and hope to see more work in the near future ^-^


Peda responds:

Thanks for being glad about the front page, I personally feel awesome. quite very awesome :D

very orginal

First off I just want to say I loved the graphic style used to make this flash, It was very simplistic in the black and white stick figure aspect, but it added a lot of depth in disquinishing the main character from the people, animals, and world around him, where I do have some trouble is the title: "Identity"; The main character is extremely indifferent to everything around him, he doesn't seem to care about the bird, or the people in the plane crash, he's so disconnected that he doesn't even phone anyone to try to help the people in the crash. He is litterly nauseated by the world around him. This makes it really hard to identify with the main character, and I can even see the “I've had a really bad day before” concept to help identify with him, but holy crap man, I've never had some Shitty days before, but never like that<LOL>! In the humor department it had its moments, and for a dark animation you did well. It could have used some background music (although it would be extremely hard to find something that wouldn't take away from the psyche of the main character so you might have made the right choice not to use any)
Bottom Line: The artistic style used was original and nicely complimented the atmosphere of the animation. I got a couple of laughs out of the animation, and if I was way off on my interpretation of your work please let me know, keep up the good work, hope to see more work like this from you. ~Thanks

Peda responds:

Brilliant review. I love brilliant reviews. I understand every point you brought up here, and must say i cant disagree! They all contribute to the meaning of the movie- and i am glad with little things you had noticed that i hadnt considered to be all that great. thank you very much