Reviews for "Identity (2006)"


ok, really boring, the flash wasnt that great either


the artwork wasnt realistic but it was stylish

and it wasnt anime
or gay anime

only one teeensy problem
i didnt like the sound of the footsteps on the sidewalk
they kind of sounded like he had heels on

Peda responds:

i too feel that specific walking track wasnt very well suited, although the website specified it was man walking slowly on concrete... oh well.

Thanks for liking my movie.

Good Animation; No storyline

Peter, your animation was great. What the flash really lacked was a storyline or even some kind of a plot. All the viewer sees here is dead people, just randomly lying on the ground, and then a 747 just falls out of the air with bodies sliding out. This submission would have probobly got a 9 or 10 if the viewer knew what was going on.

A perfect display of public restroom facilities

This was one crazy flash, kinda sick and twisted but...in a "OMG that's friggin sweet" kinda way.


everything was great,keep up the good work....