Reviews for "Identity (2006)"


that poor guy. I'm glad I haven't had one of those days.


I really liked this. The animation was so different from everything else I've seen. I figured the plane would stop in front of him at the end like it did. I bet I would just stand there and wait for the plane to hit me, too, at the end of a day like that.


twisted, deranged, scenes from a nightmare. need i go on? nice style, new idea that not many people have done before.


This guy's life sucks more then ever, i mean he can't even get killed by a plane crash... does he commite sucide?... oh well, the world will never know

Oh, wow

That flash was unlike anything else I've seen.. all I could do was keep watching and wonder what was going to happen to the poor guy next. Your style was great. The throwing up scene was probably the weakest part of the movie though in terms of animation - you should rework that a little. Otherwise, great jobl