Reviews for "Identity (2006)"


A very nice piece of animation. A great deal of attention was given to the ambience as well, which is rare in a flash these days... Good work, bravo and such.

Pretty Damn Funny

I think I'm a little sick in the head but I thought this was great. My favorite part was when he threw up on the cat after getting splashed with blood. I'm sorry but that was classic.

made me think

The squigle vision and black and white graphics were cool but, why was there death involved? It started a baby bird, then a skunk-badger like animal, and last a FALLING AIRPLANE? The charachter just looks at it and walks off? Who is he? The title says it all.

Woe is Identity

Amazing how bad this guy has it...Kinda plays out like a commercial for an anti-depression prescription..Good overall bad for that guy though

Not bad.

Good job, made me wince a few time's.