Reviews for "Identity (2006)"


There isn't any dark humor here. It's just boring. I only watch "dark" animations, so when I saw that I thought I'd check it out. Now I have lost whatever amount of time that thing was.


this i like
please do more


This could have been good, but wound up being piss-poor. I can tell by your style that your next submission will probably be good, though.

good flash poor guy

that was the best real movie iv ever seen most people dont write movies about death unless there is a piont but your point was real world times i see dead dogs and cats in the street every other day and u here about wars car crashes and natural disasters every day thats all my five

Wow Peter

Hey Peter, 'tis Grant here.
Nice one on the front page mate! Keep up the good work, maybe you should post Crazy Bus on here, hmm? As opposed to all those dark humor. But then again, no-one from outside Pate's would get it. Hope to see more from you in the future. Good luck, and see you tomorrow.