Reviews for "Identity (2006)"


What was the purpose ? I mean the character get the worct things happening to him or around him. but the movie is horrible in term of storyline. No climaxes, no problem/solution format.
Making a disturbing movie just sequencing bad things- makes no senvce. So it feels too shallow. I was waiting for something to change , but I quit watching after the plane cause That was enough.
Animationwize- it's ok.
But once again- work on your story.

Got boring

didnt watch it after he threw up seeing the dead puppy or bunny on the street. Pretty much same thing. Stuff dying or bad things happening.

Needs more depth. But the style and execution was well done. I would have put some back ground music in it. At least at the beginning.

The minimalistic style worked.

Look at me! Im disturbing and special! I stand out

-Guess i'm not "disturbing" enough to find this funny. I'm actually quite bored with the David Firth-types, who think that they are unique if they make weird pieces. Not saying that this is in the David Firth area of style, but you try to expres some of the same views and views on various things. And no. Not unique, just followers of all the others who feel the same way. It doesn't make you extra cewl to call yourself disturbing. And this is not even sick or bizarre in any ways...

-I like the animation style, tho' it have been seen before and the soulless dark character-type have also been seen before. Still like the animation though...

-My guess is that you only added a small amount of sound effects, to set the depressing mood? If that's the purpose, good job, because it was spot on...

-Actually i didn't really get the "plot"/moral/punchline in this movie. The title indicates that it is concerning his identity?! But in wich way? Is it just to tell a story about a guy who is unlucky and kinda sad about it? Does the Drivers License (an identification card) falling in the yucky toilet represent him, in a metaphorical sense? Why does the chrashing plane stop before colliding with him? The death animals are not related with him, but why is all that missery around him? Is he being taunted by not being splattered by the plane or is it a positive thing?
I can't seem to connect the dots here :P.

All in all a rather confusing movie, but it IS entertainment, observing the animation and following the storyline. But I personally don't feel much for this. Just above average, a 3/5 from me...

This is the best.

This is so funny. You are a morbid genious. Make another one. But make it with some bad luck domino style humor. like have him kick a pebble onto the road only to have a truck hit it and fly into and destroy a grocery store. Just a suggestion.


cool idea man. wow that suy had a shitty day