Reviews for "Music Video 2"

NICE, Nice to see a new animation Krink'.

That was awsome I like how you included the people from Madness, are you going to make more Madness flash animations?

Dark and Mysterious

And incredibly violent. For less than three minutes, a lot of crunchies died :P L33t song, L33t animation. Nuff said.

PS If you do a MV3, maybe more 'friendly' fire? The more the merrier...


TOTTALY KICKASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive been waitin for somethin from you, AND IT WAS WELL WORTH THE WAIT! i cant imagine how "the protaganist" is gunna look. well, keep it up!

I enjoyed it, for the whole 30 seconds

Probably the shortest of any NG video I've seen, but I must say I had my foot tapping the whole time. I like the animations and the music was pretty cool too. The intro is really what sold me... much like the intro to a good movie. Anyways, keep up the work, thanks for the post.


it was short and that main character looks awful. sorry but it's looks worse then the enemies around him/her?