Reviews for "Music Video 2"

I love this classical plot of a villain army trying to obtain powers of a mysterious artifact/monster only for it to turn against them and wreak havoc.

The monster was cool and scary. I wonder what was the gray beams he was emanating. Could it be the improbability/madness that defines the Madness series? Could it be the Shadow guy in some early form or something related to him? The eyes are certainly similar.

On overall a cool action sequence with a monster taking on elite agents instead of Hank. Only reason I don't' give this full 5 stars is that it is rather short.

Short, finite, creative, not as musical as I expected - but the music does flow with it! An interesting antagonist too... or, protagonist? Whateverist: interesting.


Not even L33T agents can defeat a circle

what if this were all real

What a music name?