Reviews for "PURGE."

you're awexome dude

i've seen this on ur website before. it roxxors.

awsum animation

nice. u sed u did this all in pencil frame by frame? thats crazy. id like 2 c wut u can do wit flash 8/ on computer

I love that not bad for a week

I like the robotic man guy and the graphics are pretty good the girl was a nice touch along with the flower and the end hum seems like it was a robot sent to destroy. Looks can be deceiving I guess, the flower was a nice gesture by the young girl but didn't change the fait she had in store well all in all good flash I loved it kinda reminded me of linkin park vs Minushi or something but vary original nice work do more


Dude, that rocks. It would rock even more if it were longer. Nice art and stuffz! w00t!

I'm so impressed that this was done with pencil. This looks amazing.