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Reviews for "Fight Fight III"

Yup, Perfect!

Better than version1 and version 2 and out of all of these fighting games this one is real different from the rest. As you can see it can unlock more characters than version2 and has a lot more combo fighting action moves you can do while fighting. Also the similarities, which is just simple >.> anyways 10/10 Rocks out this game!

Give extra credit to Toccuma (Author)

You must be joking....

I hate to say that this game is just not even worth my time to play.

Time to make some thing a lot more interesting. Possibly a better coding.

As for who ever keeps giving you 10 stars with the same status quote.
Friends do not help out in making a great game. Good try though in getting points from other accounts.

ilove this game yeah

this awsome man good game yeah it is i want to know can you chage the fighting buutes jkl but still good i give 900000000000000 stars but cant

Well it's not THAT bad

I don't find this game as bad as everyone else claims it is but I must amit it has more than a few flaws...

For one thing the attacking style of the characters is almost irritating. Just chunk-like fists and feet being thrown at the opponent with a body flip or two. Also, the characters are simply unevenly matched with some of them overpowering all the others. (i.e. Swiff has 4/5 on both parts but Decay has 4/5 and 1/5. Also, when your being attacked apparently you can;t turn around to counter your opponent. It may have just been me but it really screwed me over on onslaught. Something to look at

Not to be a douchebag but...

This game is pretty poor. The fighting style is weird and the characters are building blocks. No offense, but this could've been way better with real fighting characters, better graphics, and a story line.