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Reviews for "Fight Fight III"

Yeah..... Ya need to make a fourth.

Ok, You need 2 have special attacks for special characters. You also need to make it so you don't have 2 unlock everything at once. You also need more characters... So yeah, I'm lookin at a fight fight 4.

its was ok...

i mean it wasnt that bad it was ok i guess could have had better combos and more characters i mean like the combos and stuff was good but the block button was useless when u was just randomly smashing the buttons but overall its ok...


I could only find one button to attack with. Everything else I would say was already stated by teh guy before me. So basically. It was crap. I lost to a guy with less strentgh and regen.

name is crappy and the controls suck and theres no

how the hell do u expect to have a good game without telling any one how to play damn it! come on try to give us some tips whats block but block sucks I died blocking once and i got beat bad just 4 blocking thats stupid dont make a 4th installment!

messed up

the controls r fucked up n rly hard to use. thats it