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Reviews for "-Megaman Battle-"

that was okay, I guess

It go a bit boring though with just the same shots going back and forth. I recommend you add some different abilities like Elecman's shot, Bombman's bombs, you know. I think that would make it more interesting. And maybe expand the environment to make the use of said weapons more viable. There's a lot of Megaman flashes out here, and you have got to add some flavor to compete.


the music really went along with the flash. make a sequel!!

D-Fear331 responds:

i plan on it :)

Nothing too new or interesting.

That pretty much describes it. You did well, it looks good and everything works great together, but nothing new happens. I'm hoping this goes through anyway because it was still really well done.

Not a total waste

It wasnt perfect...nor was it very funny, but is was somewhat entertaining. Keep working on it.

Nice work

You followed the music well and put some cinematographic cliches to very good use. I felt it was more focused on aesthetic value than violence - but in both facets, it could've been more extreme. I felt the "open ending" as an anti-climactic letdown. That may be as you intended it, but I did not like that :)