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Reviews for "-Megaman Battle-"


That was awesome, I wish I woulda saw that one mega man weapon, you know the saw one you shoot, but it was very entertaining anyways. Great job cordinating the music with the battle.

It was cool

Especially the music, but you probably read that about a million times. The fight was okay, too. Good job.

pretty hot

This was pretty coo, although the only reason i liked it was for the music and pretty lights.

I like it.

Earned a five in my book. The music was ace.

Usually these get blammed,

Megaman, Sonic, and any Nintendo submissions usually get blammed. But ill make a point that even though you used them, That was pretty good. The sound matched great! I gave the style a 4 because this is done to often. It was the perfect length, not to long, not to short, Well good flash, I look forward to seeing more.

Thank you for this submision.