Reviews for "Snape's love Potion for L"

When i saw this, i had to review!

Man make more of these, i cacked myslef at the slow mo,
the style and graphics are great, sound was good, nice recordings.
Violence factor cause anal hurts! And 10 for humor just because.

Great work, keep it up.

"No no no no, love potions go in the ANUSSSSSSSSS".

I love your stuff

ahahahahah I never seen this anime/Nor Manga. And I only started seeing your little Deathnote/Harry Potter thing like hmm maybe a few months ago but god its so funny this was great when he said.."Ah I lied I made it up no such thing as love potions" and he jumps him hench the one rating for Violence so great.



watch over and over and over

Damn this was funny as hell!
I watched, then laughed and watched again.
Heh praise to you! :love:


I loved this. It was so funny, great job on everything. keep it up....me and my friend have laughed so hard over your vids.