Reviews for "Snape's love Potion for L"

love this!!

i loved this! and i love lxlight!!! kwaii! ^x^

Ahhhhhput it in mah mouth!

LOL this was funny. I like the colorin you did with snape. The ending though, i wasn't expecting it, then I was and before i knew it.. well..you know >3

very funny

lmao at the end

@ryan100, regarding Yaoi.

The passionate affection of certain females towards Yaoi (gay) themed anime/animations is not much different from the passionate affection some males display towards lesbian themed productions.

As incomprehensible as Yaoi is to us, our affection towards lesbian scenes are to them.. Although I have to say I personally neither like lesbian nor yaoi themed productions per-se, it's simply not my piece of cake.

While it is understandable for males to be annoyed by the overly 'optimistic' way in which 'gay people' are scetched in Yaoi themed productions (read: emotional like girls, feminine and soft/sweet but with a penis).. we can hardly blame them.
We do the exact same with lesbian productions where we prefer strapon action over 'proper' girl on girl love most of the time.

Having said all that though, I know a girl COMPLETELY addicted to Yaoi.. annoys the hell out of me and my buds cuz she's more open about sex than us.. she ONLY dates younger guys, she's HOT and she has a big rack.
It's one of those 'what a shame'/'what a crime' moments that we all experience from time to time.

Best not to worry about it too much =)

Nice flash, bit short though.
Especially loved the slomo "ANUS".


Wasnt expecting the ending, brilliant