Reviews for "Snape's love Potion for L"

That was funny.

That was really funny man.

"Haha, theres no such thing as love potions!"


Ah.. That was great. Yaoi. Who doesn't love that? :D Ahaha. Good job.

I love your stuff

ahahahahah I never seen this anime/Nor Manga. And I only started seeing your little Deathnote/Harry Potter thing like hmm maybe a few months ago but god its so funny this was great when he said.."Ah I lied I made it up no such thing as love potions" and he jumps him hench the one rating for Violence so great.


Nifty! L and Light forever, lolz X3 That rocks! You've got a great mind to make something like this. w00t! I love the part where L throws away the potion and is like 'There is no such thing as a love potion!' and throws his clothes off. Priceless.

This should have got Daily 1st!

I've never read any Harry Potter (avoid it like the plague) but I love Deathnote to bits, and since a friend introduced me to your animations I've been checking back now and again for any new material. Your work is simply GREAT!! Love this type of humour, and great animation.

Keep up the great work dude ;)