Reviews for "Snape's love Potion for L"

You seem to be a busy person, so I'll be brief....

(I'm a huge Death Note fan by the way.... not so hot for Harry Potter though) Art was ok, but the animation itself was short, sweet, and to the point.

in short....



Cut - Print - Gay! That was without a doubt the funniest thing since I found out that ALL PEOPLE that like or follow up with Harry Potter are up-the-butt gay! Wait a second! I guess I am too since I saw the movies! So this is what its like to be gay!.......wow, soooo am I supposed to be attracted to guys now or something? Mabey I should keep my eyes on the boys now?

yay for deathnote

that was amazing!
i love how you drew L..I dunno he seems more adorable then usual.
Wow, a Deathnote animation! On the frontpage too!
I know there may be two other flashes on Deathnote...one of them by you I believe...but I'm still happy to see some Deathnote stuff. I absolutely love that.
aaaah giddy fan-dom. :D
i think seeing ryuuku/ryuk in your style of flashes would be just as awesome..but maybe we can leave him for another episode? hehe.


Hooray for L and Raito! (er... Light. However you spell his name ^^; )
I knew L was gay for him..


Potterheads beware, nosebleeds and another ten years of your sick sick obsession coming right up.