Reviews for "Snape's love Potion for L"

You're the best!

Very hilarious, but i didn't understand what L was saying just before he f***ed Raito. But otherwise it was damn good and I like it when you use Snape in your flashes of death note-they are somehos so alike. ;)

Oh no no no Raito

I think the last reviewer meant a replay button that goes near the end, straight to teh awesome scene. Great flash

Love potions go...

Include a "replay the end" button because that was freakin' hilarious.

Go-Devil-Dante responds:

there is one... it's a big pic, haha! And there is a voice that accompanies it, :P

Otaku time

It was good, but one discrepancy: the love potion couldn't've been a "Snape family recipe" because the Snape name comes from Tobias Snape's family, which was non-magical. So, ha!

Go-Devil-Dante responds:

DOH! I shoulda been more nerdy!! XD Good spotting, :P

Holy shit.

Jesus, that was hillarious, although it scarred me for life. I like the affects for snape's hair, how it went all pink. That was cool. Disturbing, but cool.