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Reviews for "OMG! SMB Mishaps!"

Awsome Stuff !

Man Fox you are great with flash

Im so happy i introduced you into newgrounds lol

I hope you make more stuff like this
since you know im putting this on my ipod now ^_^


that rocked so hard lol i love POD and Twisted Sister and this flash now ^_^


owned is all i can say XD
btw some of the scenes i seen before
did you stole ideas?

Golden-Fox responds:

do me a favor and please look at my author's comments? I just updated it recently.


im a goofy goober! YEAH! best film ever on newgrounds


This owns, and the Goofy Goober song at the end is worth an instant 10 as well. You sir, are awesome.

This movie, though repeated MANY times before was still good.

My suggestion however is to maybe do something more original next time, maybe Super Mario Brothers 3 items. Or maybe some of the lesser enemies people never really use. :)

Just a suggestion.

Anyway, good movie.