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Reviews for "OMG! SMB Mishaps!"


it's wrong to give it a 10/10... 11/10 is more i like it...

Agreeing with Drweegee64

I absolutely agree, if you can't appreciate that he made something funny out of mario, you shouldn't be here. What is there not to like in this Mishaps and those of you who find something...obviously you need to go elsewhere.

To all haters

Stfu haters, this is great stuff. Any1 who thinks this is crap has no sense of humour. Think about it. He did good and it had a great ending. 10/10

Golden-Fox responds:

lol, That comment below was just a troll. For the most par it's harmless, considering comments like those get removed periodically.

omg omg omg it is funny as hell

funny and i will give i a 20

Golden-Fox responds:

Your trolling sarcasm makes me laugh.

What is your problem people? This is good stuff!

Cmon people! If you have "Any" Idea about mario, you'd think this was gold! Give a guy a good honest review for good work..

In other words.. "Mama -=Censored=-"