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Reviews for "The ClockCrew Asylum"


The fbf was great, nice and action-packed. The sound and music was very fitting: "Click, Click, Click." As always, your style is unique and admirable.


was awesome lol

Possibly the best clock film ever.

Most clock films (the good ones that is), are usually of a bright cheery nature. Usually involving inside jokes, cliches, and drawings that are pretty much all done with the line tool.
I've always been a fan of the clocks.
But this, this is fantastic. A dark surreal film starring clocks....that isnt ABOUT clocks. A real story is here. And the squiggly smooth frame-by-frame animation mixed with a sketchy art style really just make this a feast for the eyes.


To tell the truth, I hate clock animations... but... this was to well done for me to give a bad review, and I must saythe graohics were great, the sound was.... about as much as I could understand from clocks, and the story was funny and violent, good work, you may have just started me on a path of clock-righteousness... I think I mispelled that

make another one

or just make a series dog camels