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Reviews for "The ClockCrew Asylum"

Fo' Shizzile

Don't Change a thing, Voice, or story wise. It's good as it is. The Synthesiser is part of the clockcrew persona, IMHO. I know you were after a surreal effect with the mind chamber, and it worked. I wanted more in that department more. Black & White possibly, rather than just line art? Either way, Dammn fine job.

bloody good

very much enjoyed that, very entertaining, good storyline and plot it flowed well, nice work with animation and sound 10/10


Holy shit man I have been waiting for a new flash fron forever NIce fuckin' work DAWG


That was steamy!
The animation was fin tuuuned and images were dark, methinks it was a good change from all the other clock movies ive watched lately!
Keep it up (but dont forget about the war!!!!!)


i've watched all your previous flashes quite some time ago. you've never let me down. i supose the only problem i really have is want to see what happens in the clock war. aside from that i've enjoyed this movie as much as i have your rest. keep up the great work and i need MORE!!!!