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Reviews for "The ClockCrew Asylum"

Bizarristically fun

Loved it. Lots of style, the crazy style with wich you drew the clocks (hand drawn, not as usually they are drawn), the cliched drama, the badass F U clock, and the surrealist fight scenario. Also i loved the microsoft sam voice, it's sound so grotesque it adds to the feeling.
Altough it can you used the "action mode" to save yourself the coloring during it, it suited the movie well, the sketchy battle, sorta remembered me of that episode of Samurai Jack.
Keep animating!


Great graphics. Your fbf is very good. The ending was funny.

My gosh

That's the best CC flash I've seen in a while.

You did a very good job, FU. I hope to see your movies around more often.


PS: B. =]


lets ice this buttfucker-fo'shizle lololloloilololololikoloilolololzzzzzzzz


five, for fugazi alone. You are the vessel by which Strawberry shares his everlasting joy
blessed be ok?