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Reviews for "The ClockCrew Asylum"


Fo' Shizzle.


Only thing I didn't like about it was the terrible music. You have terrible, terrible, absolutely atrocious taste in music. You should hang your head in shame for your terrible taste in music. Be ashamed, right now.

Now that you're humbled enough, this movie was out the ass fucking incredible. You are unbelievably talented, and I am incredibly jealous. As soon as I am done with my current projects I am going to devote a serious amount of time to learning frame by frame, because tweening just can't compare.

FUClock responds:

Haha, why thank you. So you've discovered that I listen to Emo. Eh, some people like it.

Come on, dude. Head Automatica! YEAH- yea-ee ye-ah! I put assassins in your little he-ad. It fits so well it hurts.


just excellent, the artwork and animation are great, the sound is good...oh well, a great job! B!

An elite few.

There are but an elite few left that manage to maintain the good name of the clock crew. There are but an elite few that put effort into not only the physical art, but the scripting and the storyline behind thier work. You my friend, are one of those few.

Your storyline was simplistic, yet beautifully woven with certain mind-twisting technologies that allowed for an excuse to shoot, cut, and blast things, while at the same time justifying shooting, cutting, and blasting things. Your art was in a few senses simplistic, but at the same time it fit with the style you chose. In the end perhaps your greates downfall was the use of the cliche' mac-voices, but you managed to alter those just enough to where they worked.

Finally, as if everything else I have mentioned wasn't enough, you took subtle pot-shots at certain other clocks by simply having them in an asylum, and suggesting that blammings in the portal could cause insanity... Certainly, sometimes, that seems like the case. I congratulate you on a job well done, and look forward to whatever else lurks in the minds of clocks.

got the ref.

plus bad ass fight scene