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Reviews for "School of sword 2"

Wont u look at that

All tens =P
I reviewed the first one too!
yup. Very nice.


I Loved it great work i hope you make a third game

Nice work.

Heh, came across this when I was searching for flash swordplay simulations and I really liked it, especially since I've done a little german school swordsmanship some time ago. I was just curious if the in-game character Kozel is based on the real Slovak master who, if I remember correctly, used to host german school swordsmanship seminars in Bratislava.

Thunder-Hawk responds:

Thanks. Your guess about the master's name is absolutely right! I am surprised that someone outside of our former country would take note of it. His name is Koza of course, but I didn't want to be so straightforward, so the word for the male goat (Kozel) was used instead of female doe (Koza) :-)


but master Kozel is really easy to beat, I mean, defeating Jean is harder than defeating kozel. The girl at the entrace at the mountain is realy tough, and hernando's hechman is really easy, but, you are weakened because of the girl, so, i can't beat him


Dude, the day I'm writting this review, is the day when I beated the game, for first time in years, and I mean years, trying and trying without results.

Is a great game with a great difficult, you made a very nice game, congratulations.

Thunder-Hawk responds:

Congrats! Good to read such review. This game isn't one of the easiest, I know, but would you play it so long if it was easy? :)
The best tips how to beat it again and again:
1) In order to block properly, it's important to distinguish clearly between individual attack types when the opponent is hauling off.
2) Try dodging - it's faster for counter-attack.
3) See the in-game tips.