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Reviews for "Bob the Atog"


No credits to the Eskimo Bob guys? I liked it, but show a tad bit of respect. END!


Dwedit responds:

Yeah, the Eskimo Bob guys have seen it, and they liked it. Madarab even put it on the Eskimo Bob Fan Flash section of Mudgoose Enterprises, http://spoony-bard.com/unbob

Hell, that was good.

That was great man! It's probably the only thing with Magic The Gethering cards, and it's great to see a parody of Eskimo Bob. And, for my own curiosity, Nihongo ni hanamasu ka.


Dude! that was great! I loved it. Being an avid fan of M:tG, I could relate to it. And there is a reason for Rod of ruin now! YAY! (actually, I found a second use... But it's MINE I TELL YOU! MINE!). congrats on a great movie.


pretty decent. it was funny how bob the atog kept eating those fish and gaining more points. keep it up.

hmm....... good

Nice Job, hopefully you asked if you could use Alan's and Tomas's very own sound.