Reviews for "sex and the bedroom"

Another JJ Classic!

Some of the people on NG should try to realize that the bad animation is done on purpose.

Everyone knows the Jerry Jackson is actually David Firth, the creator of the Salad Finger series. He says so himself on his site, fat-pie.

The animation is supost to be crappy, and knowing that adds to the quality.

Cant wait for the next JJ cartoon!

OMFG! you just gave me an idea

i loved that, it was great!, it has inspired me to make a flash about my varoiuse tutorials with MSpaint. omg that movie was funny as hell i love it, its a favorite


Pretty funny, but mostly stupid.
Lol chocolate man has a big willie.

I'm confused......

So this is supposed to look really shitty? Like someone just wanted to make fun of shitty cartoons and made this?....Wow, that must have taken alot of time lol. But anyways, I really like this, it is funny as hell! The voice kinda sorta reminded me of David Firth.

So this is what David Firth does...

...when he wants to fuck with people. It was pretty obvious that he was involved with this, but it wasn't until I clicked on his website link that I knew it was him. It was pretty funny regardless.