Reviews for "sex and the bedroom"


omfg!!! he got his wilkins chopped off, thank you jerry for educatin me on the sexs


dun lisen 2 da last purson jerry. UR da gratest. I wish 2 get sum tipes on ow 2 animat as gud as u du. Maybe we can get 2gethor sum time and mkae the choclit man prowd!

Another gem from Jerry

Thankyou so much Colin fro another Jerry Jackson flim. I rely lik yore wok. It is good to have my wilkins chopd off when I am am not looking.


Guy before me is right, look at MGS Awesome, its got crappy animation, but thats wat makes it so damn funny. action and passionate movies have gude animation, not comedy! w(... that is a thumbs up lol.

No good

I don't care about the graphics, I understand that they were most likely done so horribly on purpose. But the things is that it isin't funny, it isin't amusing, it isin't enjoyable to watch in any way.

Only one part made me grin for a whole half a second, the rest was a waste of time.

This was a pointless animation, any way you look at it. It had no meaning besides sheer stupidity that would not even be humours to small children.

God damnit, is it just me or is alot of garbage getting on the front page recentily?