Reviews for "Sonic - Lotr Parody"

Great joke - bad idea

This was really funny ^^

The graphic sprites that the author put in the film were... medium detailed. The situations you've put all of the characters were as they were in the film. And Sonics ...um ...dance :P.. was really funny. The sync of lips and characters actions with the sound is perfect.

The sound is as it it must be, riped directly from the movie. Though there are no any ohter audio materials, lets leave the music whith a little note of 4, for the grat sync of the sundtrack with the graphics.

You know I really enjoyed it. First time when I saw the original, second time whan I saw this one.

You claim you can do better? You're talent with montage is promising. I cannot wait to see how much will you improve:)

Nice adaptation

To understand this you would have to have seen the original, i liked the way you adapted it. There were parts that didnt work well, but considering you had to work mostly with sonic animations you did a heck of a job.

Go to youtube for the original


wtf, this is weird

heard it

i saw where u origionally got the soundtrack from a few months ago that was funny. i think this was funny but i preffered the one wit the real actors.


This movie, is well made, but might just freak out some of us guys...But if you´r a newgrounds veteran you´ve seen worst.