Reviews for "Sonic - Lotr Parody"


it was really nice ... i liked the quite *g* uhm "ecchi" humor.

I remember watching this the first time

I laughed then, and I laughed now. Great job on making the skit mesh with the animation. Great job, sound was just loud enough but not TO loud. I really liked it. Hope to see something else by you soon! Peace out! Ohhh, and BTW, if case any one wonders why violence got a 10, no man should ever have to go through THAT!....... ow...


Good! Funny! That was hel-arios!!!

Fantastic parody!

awesome, sprites were well positioned and moved interestingly, and the thought of making a sprite parody of a parody of lotr is very imagianative. the sound was hilarious, but then again i find jack black totally cool any way XD! well done


MAN, That was hilarious dude! Fantastic and utterly funny. Especially at the end when she ripd the ring off.XD Way to go.