Reviews for "Sonic - Lotr Parody"

I agree with the last reviewer

Don't do such close ups on the sprites. That pestered me throughout the animation. Image becomes too pixelated.

Anyway, good parody though, I enjoyed what you paralleled. I also enjoyed the...uh...humor. Yeah, the humor. :-D

Solid craftmanship.

Except one thing, dont close up on sprites, it dosent look good, however the Flash was fucking hilarious and feel the pain! Get it? Even The Gods are pleased. XD

Hey, gr8 LOTR parody.

I'm not really a fan but this was funny, sorry that I didn't the the Ice Cream flash though but this made me laugh like hell, keep on making movies dude!

CaramelAppleClock responds:

thx Sonic - WoW Pardoy is now available to watch ;)

fucking sweet

make a second one this is funney

hmmm pretty good

hahahahahahah this is pretty awesome but i looked at the credits and........wheres legolas he kicked ass in the movies