Reviews for "Sonic - Lotr Parody"

Nice Very Nice

What a way to make the LOTR funny lol

The LOTR is way better off this way

Pretty cool the way you totally replaced all the LOTR characters with Sonic ones and made them sound more human too!
This is a new side to Sonic and Amy!


why is it that ur parodys r so funny? i just dont know why i watch them over and over again

Holy crap that has got to hurt

Man I've seen some harsh stuff on this site but that was just evil, funny as hell but completely evil.

oh god... thats going to hurt a while....

LOL! THAT HAS TO BE THE GREATEST AND SICKEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER WATCHED!!!!! she did rip it off right? or did she bite it off? or is it sicker than that?
anyway, great work, you should continue the series!