Reviews for "Sonic - Lotr Parody"


that was hilarious, the only improvment i could think of was that you could fine tune the pictures graphics a little but fuck it it was sooo funny :P

Horribly Marvelous

I love sprite movies, and I'm listning to "the Hobbit" on tape while I'm watching this.......This is Hilarious......My only problem with it was the close up sprites....I love seeing the pixels....but not that blotchy....otherwise....Great Job


hehehe funny as hell, the only bad thing is that you cant really make this a series, cuz ur just using the voices of another parody.

still, you got 5/5!! :D


That was Extremely Funny. This is everything a Sprite Movie should be. Whatever you do turn this into a series! good job and keep'em comin


Lol this was pretty funny lol
but u couldv used 128 or 256 bit sprites instead of 32
32 bit sprites just suck =P
i was gettin rly pissed with those squares all over the place -.-

Gr8 Idea Though =D