Reviews for "Streets (Produced by W.Spawn)"

nice dude

im going to download it. u got a perfect beat here, and nice lyrics bro. stay up homie

HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

Thanks a lot for the vote and review, glad that you enjoyed my track. Stay up.

right awn

this is raw. good job,
the hook is great.well put together.

not much I can say sides a dope track man
beat is sick, an you rockin it well.

HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

Thanks a lot for the comments and for the review, I really do appreciate it. Stay up.

This shit is fire

I didn't see you coming out with this man, I was taking by surprised.
Great catchy hook too man.
I can't complain lyrically at all, but some of the overlay sounded loud, but not even a major issue.
Simply Amazing.

HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

Yeah, I admit that the vocals are kind of over-powering but it's been lowered a couple of times already, I'll see if I can maybe get it lowered some more. Thanks for the review and comment man, stay up.

sup man

i was diggin it till the singing and autotuned voice echoes came in.
your rapping voice matches the beat pretty well, although the flow can be off at times.
not bad, keep it up

HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

You didn't like the singing? lol That's cool though, my boy Merc only did a slight auto-tune on the adlibs and I honestly can't really hear it. You must have some good ears lol. Thanks for the review and comments though, stay up.

I like the lyrics

The beats ill, but your flows just off. I appreciate the message but your flows mad sloppy so it just sounds off. The hooks pretty catchy though, keep it up.

HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

It's all good, I love honest reviews and if you weren't honest then you wouldn't care. Honestly though, I really can't find what's wrong with my flow. I'd imagine that you would do it differently but this is just how it came out in my head. Thanks for dropping the review, stay up.