Reviews for "Enemies Of Rock"


A few suggestions:

At the beggining, put in a few bass hits before the bass line starts.

When you transition at 1:04, make it either more or less abrupt. What you have now is a sort of start and stop which is pretty unintersting

Other than that it was really good.


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Maverlyn responds:

Thx for the info but this piece is just a loop, The real deal is over 9000!!!! jk.. no its more than 20 min long tho so it wont fit here on Newgrounds :P

Awesome Sauce!

I got to say that this was very impressive considering you made this just cause you were bored and with it being nearly six minutes long it was just that more impressive cause it sounded better & better as the song progressed with the rise of intensity & fast pace also the quality was excellent,overall i enjoyed this badass techno/rock track of yours and is a must have for me.


Wow, wish I could be bored like you! If only I could come up with stuff like this when I'M bored.
Sweet beat; sounds awesome! Great job.


Well, keep on being bored.

Maverlyn responds:

hehe :P

i love it =) but... there always a but...

nice trance song but... you could mix it with ROCK OF COURSE !!!
why you didnt thinked of it ¬,¬'
im a big fan of mixing drum bass and piano...
whatever you did a good job... i have fl studio9 demp but i cant do anything with this im too much noob or maybe its just cause its the demo ? -_-'

continue the great work...

Maverlyn responds:

You know what? if i ever remix this i will make an infected mushroom version of it with rock elements :P

at the time beeing i was using magics music maker 14 + 15 legally bought since you can't play close to anything with the demo versions *lol*

nowdays im using version 14-15-16 and soon 17 all together