Reviews for "Enemies Of Rock"

i have seen better

i ant saing that this is shit its my 3 good song and i have somthing on youtub i ant the creater but i am the dorwer of it it is happy thee frends


I really like the intro
i wish i could say more but the damn song wont play past 30 seconds!

Maverlyn responds:

must have been temporary i can play it all the way :P

thanks anyway!

i love it =) but... there always a but...

nice trance song but... you could mix it with ROCK OF COURSE !!!
why you didnt thinked of it ¬,¬'
im a big fan of mixing drum bass and piano...
whatever you did a good job... i have fl studio9 demp but i cant do anything with this im too much noob or maybe its just cause its the demo ? -_-'

continue the great work...

Maverlyn responds:

You know what? if i ever remix this i will make an infected mushroom version of it with rock elements :P

at the time beeing i was using magics music maker 14 + 15 legally bought since you can't play close to anything with the demo versions *lol*

nowdays im using version 14-15-16 and soon 17 all together

Trance is dead.

Sorry mate.


-The NewKing.


i wish i had great ideas when im bored :P