Reviews for "castlevania : Future"

sum' good ol' sprite shit:p

inpressive, you made some great fighting scenes, people should make more shit like this. keep up the good work;)

rebaz responds:

EHehehheeh, Thnx man!


that was pretty good, i like the plot of the flash thingy, keep up the good work


rebaz responds:

Heheeh, Thnx

Glad ya liked it =D


although i got very confusd by the story line , i don't get it *_* REALLY

but the battle scenes they are so cool and funny (if you overlook they are just NES sprites) , wow ^^ especally if you played much of the games on NES and SNES as child ... it would be nice if you make a sequel or something...

rebaz responds:

yea, there is no plor. its kinda randomly stufzzle.. lol, why everyone keep saying, if there is a Sequel, can't you see This fucking SucksXD, well atleast.... 2/3 scene, the first scene best, thats what i thinkXD


This was a cool Castlevania Flash! :D

$$$The Good$$$

-The sprites in this flash were animated very nicely.
-The Music went well in every scene. The battle scene music was quite addicting.
-I love how people falling off buildings is a tradition. lol!
-The Storyline was ok but the Comedy is hilarious.

$$$The Bad$$$

-You're gonna have people complain over the Penis.
-Some jokes were a little saggy.


-Overall, this flash was great and I enjoyed watching it. Great Work Rebaz! Responses are gladly appreciated. :D


rebaz responds:

comedy is hilarious? no dude, the comedy in this flash movie sucks so bad, that i wanted to stop it, but i just posted it for the first scene, i actually feel ashamed for this BAD humor thingy, well i learned stuff....and its not as dry as back then i guess....

all the jokes were saggy, LOL(it means bad right?)


Another Good Parody

Not sure what to say other than really good! The animation and fighting are excellent, sound effects do the job, and the 'traditions' were pretty damn funny (AAARGHH!!!). Could have used some voice acting, and maybe a bit more humor considering how long the animation is.