Reviews for "castlevania : Future"

I normally enjoy castlevania spoofs, but... I don't understand this.. It's supposed to be stupid/funny? Urgh.. Not sure I fully get the punchline.. Middle rating, 2.5 stars

wow i loved this it captured the origanal castlevainia nes games while giving it a twist and that cant be pulled off easly great job from a big castlevaina fan

The fact you accidently predicted Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate is awesome.

Pretty random, but very interesting. Fighting styles of the Belmonts was very original and cool. Great work!

Another Good Parody

Not sure what to say other than really good! The animation and fighting are excellent, sound effects do the job, and the 'traditions' were pretty damn funny (AAARGHH!!!). Could have used some voice acting, and maybe a bit more humor considering how long the animation is.