Reviews for "castlevania : Future"

((( HAHA )))

Haha this was funny, i like teh sprites, not the sharpest but still kinda neat, it had some funny moments such as that tochy little thing lol, anyways funny and entertaining...

Add soem sharper looking sprites...

Funny and decent animation, could be improved in areas...


rebaz responds:

i am glad ya still liked it, i posted it for "crap"on NG, i didnt even know WHY i posted this, it was such a bad movie, maybe the first scene was well...ok...but other scenes were full of bullshit, but yea...crappyXD
sharper sprites? i cut/pasted them into Photoshop,XD they cant get any shaprer though ,ahah. this is like...a year old submitions, i dontk now if i improved, after all...i made this crap after couple months working with flash
and Realy glad with a New review, Peace out!!! Latta!


Not bad, but you're making the penis wrong. it's like a, a hand???

rebaz responds:

no.....your a mail, you dont know how a penis looksXD? LOLXD
but glad ya liked it

The/A review

The nudity made made the work unique.

I have a problem with the nudity...you should have shown a whole scrotum, just like you showed a lot of the penis, if not all.

rebaz responds:

what can i say? you Fucking rockXD

I give ya credit , but......

you got the timeline wrong, Trevor was before simon, and dracula is NOT trevor's father, Alucard is.

rebaz responds:

yea yea, i know, but this is just 1 fucked up castlevania movieXD lol, i dont even know the history i just like the music of the game, and......gameplay.XD or somethingXD

It was alright.

You made alucard so weak and the sexual content was rather disturbing in this game... The vid was ok because it just has too many of the same techniques every other flash vid uses... there's not much difference between alot of vids...
This one was rather dissappointing. =/ Your DBZ and DD ones are much better.

thankx for keeping me in the credits.

rebaz responds:

bleh, no motivation