Reviews for "castlevania : Future"

best castlevania movie

this movie was like the best ive ever seen of castlevania great work man.

rebaz responds:

nahh, Roger gargantua\s work is the best =D

Kick Ass

This is the best one I've seen yet!

rebaz responds:

AMG!, thnx dude =XD!SA}DL: a


Very kick ass dude, you should make like, Castlevania+Madness redux. Hooha.

And the people who lower the rank just because of a penis are immature.

rebaz responds:

:P dude...i dont get it, if i hear the name Newgrounds, i think of children running trough a room stabbing eachotherXD ,...but this is just gayXD
anyway thnx for the review <3


The action and animation was amazing. The music and sound was awesome. There was great humor in your sprite movie. From the Arnold Double Dragon sprite, to Mario appearing throughout and all the times the characters would bash themselves. I have to be honest the part where the dick was shown was a little odd. But I still found the humor in it.

And for those who are giving the movie a bad score because of that. There is a clear label and warning of what to expect. And there are worse incidents like that shown on the flash portal. Anyways enjoy of that, Incredible Job Rebaz. Oh and sorry if my reviews repeat the same format. It the only one I am real familiar with.

rebaz responds:

no...i love it X_x...you fucking rule dude


Well i have to say its funny. I think you basic it on the Nes game which didnt really have great graphics, but i still liked it especially when they whipped off that guys dick. That was funny as heck.

rebaz responds:

ehehheeh, Thnx dude, you fucking rule!!